Dog - $20 a night per dog

2 dogs $15 a night per dog

3 or more dogs $10 a night per dog

 The boarding is based as a family enviroment, instead of a kennel/stall unless desired. We will make the transition of leaving your canine or feline friend easier. Your canine or feline friend will have access to 3 acres of fenced in yard to play in. As well as buddies to run and play along with. We do have another separate fenced off area, for dogs who do not play well with others. So no matter what each dog still gets to run and play. They will be having such a good time, they wont even know you left. When your furry friends are here, they will be well cared for. You will be able to have an easy piece of mind while your away! They can have there own sleeping arrangements, so everynight they can calm down and sleep soundly (if desired).

Summer night set up - Inside main house (depending on dog), Inside Dog barn or outside in kennels

Winter night set up - Inside main house (depending on dog) or Dog barn which is a 12x14 shed with heat. The dog barn has many differnt options for dogs to sleep on. Along with toys to play with so they do not get board.

Winter inside board - Cost will vary depedending on dog. This is mostly set up for dogs who need to sleep in a confined space (kennel/Cage). Dogs will be located in the living room area at night.

Dogs WILL only be inside dog barn or kennels to sleep ONLY!

During winter months when it gets colder out, all dogs are allowed inside the main house upstairs to warm up. They get to relax where ever there little hearts desire to warm up (couch,floor,dog beds etc). They will be inside the house periotically through out the day. Or if they choose, the dog barn is always heated at all times. So they may want to go in there as well.

Dogs that come to Learning Acres are not required to be spayed and/or neutered. BUT Learning Acres is NOT responsible for any violence from one male to the next that is still intact! Nor are we responsible for any dogs getting pregnant while they visit/stay here at Learning Acres!!